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Follow the links below for a personally selected list of soccer equipment, books, videos and magazines that I have found valuable as a coach and recommend highly. Not only can you browse these items and more, but every purchase you make via these links will help to support this site!
Gear and Coaching Aids Books and Magazines DVDs and Videos

cover DVD: Soccer - Coaching the Techniques of Goalkeeping
(Soccer - Coaching The techniques of Goalkeeping on VHS)
A great video resource for goalkeeping techniques.
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cover DVD: Soccer - Drills for Beginning Goalkeepers
(Soccer - Drills for Beginning Goalkeepers on VHS)
A good selection of basic goalkeeping exercises for younger keepers.
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DVD: Soccer - Coaching Goalkeepers
A selection of exercises and coaching points from basic to advanced.
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cover VHS: Soccer - The Soccer Goalkeeper - Defending
Dutch coach Franz Hoek covers the basics of defending the goal in the first of three tapes.
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cover VHS: Soccer - The Soccer Goalkeeper - Distribution
The second tape in Hoek's series covers the goalkeeper's role as the first line of attack.
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cover VHS: Soccer - The Soccer Goalkeeper - Goalkeeper Drills
Tape three of Hoek's series demonstrates drills and exercises for goalkeepers.
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cover DVD: All The Right Moves - To Beat and Get Past Your Opponent
Goalkeepers need to be complete soccer players too! This DVD demos a number of 1v1 moves at speed and in super slow-motion so anyone can try them out.
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History of Soccer—The Beautiful Game
Seven DVDs covering the history of the world's most popular sport, from its origins to the present and around the globe.
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DVD: Soccer - 202 Great Saves
A highlight video for the netminders!
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VHS: Soccer - 109 Great saves
Another highlight video for the goalkeepers.
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Shaolin Soccer
The beautiful game meets Bad News Bears meets chop socky: campy fun for everybody.
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DVD: Own Goals and Gaffs
(Own Goals and Gaffs on VHS)
A look at the stuff that doesn't make the highlight reels.
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