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"Outstanding keeper instruction. This is a must for goalkeepers and coaches."
Ottawa Internationals S.C. web site, Ottawa, Canada
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Coaches, please consider going that extra distance, no matter how small it is, to give the goalkeepers the attention I think they deserve. They'll thank you for it, one way or another!
    -- Tony Waiters, Coaching the Goalkeeper
Goalkeeping and Drills
General Coaching
Trainers and Camps
Other Soccer Related
Laws of the Game

These links are provided for those who want more information about soccer goalkeeping and soccer or coaching in general. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list; it's just a collection of useful links I've come across. I have no affiliation with any of the sites unless explicitly stated. Please let me know if any of these links gets out of date or if you would like to have a link added.

Goalkeeping and Drills

General Coaching

Trainers and Camps

  • Star Goalkeeper Academy is an internationally recognized soccer coaching organization specializing in the education of Goalkeepers. Each year under the guidance of founder and International goal coach Dan Gaspar the Academy conducts camps and clinics around the United States.
  • Net Edge Training, your source for quality goalkeeper training in New Jersey.
  • All Soccer Training is dedicated to the advancement of soccer training on Long Island.

Other Soccer Related

  • BigSoccer: The biggest site for soccer news, discussion forums and more.

    Click here for BigSoccer!
  • Virtual Sports Injuries Clinic: Offers a 'Virtual Diagnosis' and information on over 100 sports injuries with rehabilitation, sports massage, strapping & taping and more.
  • SoccerConnection: Post resumes and search for jobs for soccer professionals.
  • College Soccer Scholarships. A recruiting and resume service for high school soccer players who want to compete at the college level in the USA. Initial help and advice is free.
  • 4 Specialty Soccer. Soccer novelties and gifts for you and your soccer friends.

Laws of the Game

  • FIFA Laws of the Game: the official source for the Laws of the game of soccer.
  • USSF web site, look under "referees", then "Resources and Materials" for Law information, including Advice to Referees, a US Soccer Federation compilation of guidelines pertaining to the LOTG.
  • LOTG FAQ: Extremely detailed FAQ on the Laws, compiled by members of the SOCCER-COACH-L mailing list.


  • KeeperStop.com: Need goalkeeper gloves, a goalie jersey, and protective keeper training gear? Keeperstop.com is your one stop for goalkeeper equipment and education.
  • Between the Sticks : The USA's best shop for premium goalkeeper equipment! Customers can rely on knowledgeable and credible service from people that play the position.
  • Eurosport has a large selection of gear for goalkeepers, field players, coaches and fans.
  • Soccer Learning Systems: Coaching videos and books.
  • Reedswain soccer videos and books.
  • Code Four Athletics Soccer Uniforms offers their own brand of soccer uniforms, jerseys, warm-ups, shorts and soccer gear directly to teams and clubs.
  • Soccer International has special deals on discontinued goalkeeper jersies.
  • Epic Soccer has great prices on all the equipment you need, from goals to pinnies.
  • Fold-A-Goal carries goal (portable to full-size), nets, field & coaching equipment and more.
  • Goals

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