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Follow the links below for a personally selected list of soccer equipment, books, videos and magazines that I have found valuable as a coach and recommend highly. Not only can you browse these items and more, but every purchase you make via these links will help to support this site!
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Kwik Goal Soccer Goal Keeper Medicine Ball
A medicine ball is an excellent way to improve a goalkeeper's arm/upper body strength and focus in on catching technique. A useful part of any goalkeeper coaches training regimen.
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Kwik Goal Coaching Sticks
Coaching sticks (or corner flags) are an excellent way to quickly mark out goals, training areas, use for diving over, and too many other uses to count.
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Corner Flags
Corner flags do double duty—use them for marking out goals during training and marking the corners of the field on game day.
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Speed Foot Ladder
Footwork is the foundatin of good goalkeeping. Using a speed ladder is an effective and fun way to improve this aspect of goalkeeping.
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Speed Foot Ladder Training Video
Buy the accompanying video for tips on how to get the most out of your speed ladder...
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Soccer - The Agility Ladder - Exercises For Soccer
...or a DVD that focuses on soccer exercises.
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PUGG 6 Footer Portable Soccer Training Goals - Pair
Pugg goals are light, easy to transport, and set up and takedown almost instantly. Perfect for small-sided games. Three sizes available.
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PUGG Goal - The 4 Footer (PR) Buy from Amazon.com
PUGG 2 1/2 Footer oneVone Portable Soccer Training Goals - Pair Buy from Amazon.com
Every coach needs a portable whiteboard to diagram plays and exercises.
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Glove Dogs
Keep your gloves smelling fresh in between washes with Glove Dogs.
Sondico Full Trainer goalie pants
Protection from indoor carpet and outdoor cold weather!
SoccerEdge Bungee Cord Soccer Trainer
A bungee trainer that is actually useful! Keep from having to chase all those shots the striker shanks, or use the bungee to send your own kicks back at you. Even more useful if you tie in a longer section of bungee or rope after you get it.
Santiago II Glove bag
Safely stash your gloves and protect your investment.
Adidas Shoe Bag
Keep those muddy boots from dirtying the rest of your gear.
Soccer Scarves
Keep warm and support your favorite team.
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