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Replace your divots

I've heard coaches have their goalkeepers mark their area by scuffing the ground with their boots. I don't recommend this practice. The new FIFA2004 Q&A on the Laws specifically prohibits it:

"4. A goalkeeper or another player draws unauthorised marks on the fi eld
of play with his foot. What action does the referee take?

If the referee notices this before the match starts, the offending player
is cautioned for unsporting behaviour.
If the referee notices this being done during the match, he cautions
the offending player for unsporting behaviour when the ball next goes
out of play

And I found a video clip that demonstrates disasterous consequences for a keeper who did this in one instance. Go to SoccerClips.net and check out the clip labeled "Bouncing ball - a goalkeeper nightmare". An easy roller hits the divot the keeper has dug at the center of the 6-yard line and hops over his shoulder into the goal.

Most goalkeepers often have to deal with horrendous pitch conditions anyway... don't make matters worse. Learn to use the existing field markings to help you, and frequently look back to your posts to check your positioning.


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