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An athlete talking to themsleves during competition is hardly a new phenomenon.... The talk does not have to be vocal. By merely thinking you are talking to yourself and sending a message.
   -- Tony DiCicco, Goalkeeper Soccer Training Manual

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Julio Iglesias, goalkeeper

Julio Iglesias, international pop star and... Real Madrid goalkeeper?


adidas TUNIT

The latest innovation in goalkeeper gloves is the new adidas TUNIT. It is "modular", with varying backhands (cool mesh, warm fleece, etc.) that can be mixed and matched with different palms (wet, dry, hard ground). The two pieces apparently zip together:

Having a replaceable palm on a glove isn't a new idea, it has been tried in the past. I seem to even recall one glove where the gloves were cut for either hand, and the forehand and backhand were the same, so when one side wore out you just turned the gloves over and wore them on the opposite hand! It remains to be seen how well the TUNIT actually performs, or if it will be cheaper or more convenient than just carrying a few pairs of gloves in your bag. The configuration also means it is a flat-cut glove, so if you prefer roll-finger or negative cut it might not be for you.

There is also a TUNIT shoe, with interchangeable insoles (already done by Puma, I believe) and stud configuration (already tried by Diadora).


US keepers overseas

On the other hand, there are still some fine US goalkeepers plying their trade overseas. Marcus Hahnemann has been dazzling for the English League Championship side Reading FC. From being almost an afterthought with the Colorado Rapids and then Fulham, Hahnemann has become the leading candidate to backup Kasey Keller in this summer's World Cup squad, and is leading the push to the Premiership for Reading.


US keeper quality thins

The USA once had an embarrassment of riches at goalkeeper, and MLS was as strong between the sticks as at any position. Now, says Ives Garcalep, MLS Goalkeeper quality has thinned out.


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