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What's important in a glove?

A post over on BigSoccer asks,
how important is grip in terms of goalie gloves? If grip is not important, what is? Finally, from your experience with various gloves used in the past, what is the one issue you most commonly are faced with?
My reply:

"As a keeper coach, in conversation with literally hundreds of keepers, I find the two most important things most want in goalkeeper gloves are: 1. Grip, 2. Comfort; not necessarily in that order. Many keepers prioritize grip over comfort, others will sacrifice a little grip for a more comfortable fit.

"The biggest issue most keepers have with their gloves? Durability. This can be either the palm wearing out or losing grip quickly, or other parts of the glove falling apart around a still-usable palm."

I made this point back in 2005, but it bears repeating: a goalkeeper's glove is a very personal choice, just like their boots. The "best" glove for one keeper may not be a good choice for another. Take the time to try different brands and models (yes, I know too many of us can be "glove whores") and find what works for you.


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